Space Virgins present



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Fabulous DJ Line up includes:
DJ Chronus | 13 | DJ Smoothie | Riz
DjML | Osiris Indriya | AtoMikDog vs. novaTRON
Brannon | Baz | Casey Ann | King Java

Plus explore the soft and deep Mines of Love, gape at acrobatic feats of U & I,
be dazzled by the stylings of the Luminous Flux Fashion Show, enjoy the ancient art of
bellydance by The Circle, taste the Quivering Virgin Ambrosiac
, and more!

Lots of folks have been asking what "$15 w/ costume" means.  It means DRESS UP!
Put on something furry, shiny, blinky, animal-striped, whatever,
just get out of your regular street clothes.

And finally, be sure to catch THE MACH12E party: Ghost in The Machine at ConWorks on Aug 6!

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